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A Familiar Face

Found this – dah lama, tapi still relevant – dari The Star;

A stickler for detail


Wandering the heritage streets of the Old Town of Edinburgh, a Malaysian artist decided to record its splendour on paper.

A collection of black-and-white sketches is spread out in front of me, with every little detail painstakingly recorded. The artist must have had so much patience to attempt such a feat.

Ruzaimi Mat Rani, 33, has laboriously sketched 500 pictures of Edinburgh Old Town which, when put together, represent the entire town. He carried out this project when he was given a scholarship by the Government to do his Masters in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art from 2000 to 2002.


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Siri Nostalgia 9296

Koleksi lagu cheering circa 1992 – 1996 (recorded by Sdr Hamzainie Hamzah B87).

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Siri Nostalgia 9296

Scanned copy of letter sent by a first former 1992 addressed to himself in 1996 (sort of “Back to the Future” thing)., under the instruction of Sdr Ruzaimi Mat Rani, Pengawas Prep School 1992.  Original copy kept at the museum of 9296 d-:

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OVERFLOOR (or is it?)

History lesson time;

Taken from MCOBA-Malaysia Yahoo! Group (without asking for permission, of course);

Email 1 (Dah difilter dari thread yang panjang lebar, dan yang sebenarnya discuss benda lain)


Its OVERFLOW,bukan OVERFLOOR! Dunno how this term has been corrupted over the years!.Salam

Email 2

Bebudak ni juga menukarkan perkataan Kolet kepada Koleq.

Kolet adalah cara/gaya sebenar org KK tradisional menyebut College.

Koleq pula adalah tiruan cara/gaya Tongkat Warrant fikir College patut disebut.

Tongkat Warrant dll Malay-educated perlikan MCKK dgn ungkapan dgn rangkaikata

Bungkek Kek Kek > bongkak (snobs/conceits) !

Email 3


OVERFLOW it is and should have always been. That section of the building was to accomodate the “overflow” of students from the two attached wings, which have been accordingly and ordinarily assigned to the respective houses (Idris, Ahmad, Mohd Shah & Sulaiman). During my time, it was also meant for the “overflow” of students from Prep School and Sixth Formers stayed there before Sixth Form Pavilion was completed. I remember having to be transferred from Prep School to the “overflow” in the third term of 1961 (when I was a jambu in Form 1) and to stay in the same dormitory with Wan Hanafi, the terror & President of the disbanded Tarinaga. Remember the folklore “Beauty And The Beast”? Right!

OVERFLOOR is not in the “Oxford English Dictionary”, has never been and can never be. The more appropriate word, in bringing out the same meaning as what has been generally meant for “overfloor”, is either OVERHEAD or simply FIRSTFLOOR. Thank you.

Email 4

Former juniors who now have begun saying correctly Overflow instead of Overfloor, please try to say Kolet Kolet Kolet instead of not Koleq !

-end of quote-

So, rupa2nya building kat tengah2 Big School tu asalnya dipanggil Overflow, sebagai reference kepada status pada waktu tu – sebagai dorm untuk students yang overflowed dari East/West Wings dan Prep School.

Camana boleh corrupted sampai jadi Overfloor? cuba consider scene ni;

Mana? Depan Overfloor/flow

Sapa? Gedebe dengan F1

Bila? Masa Gedebe kat Koleq (duh) – minggu orientasi budak2 F1


Gbe: Pade’ (padang) depan ni guno maing bola, ragbi denge kriket. Pokok hok besar tu ore’ panggey Bi’ Tri (Big Tree)

F1: Building yang besar ni cikgu?

Gbe: Bangune’ ni namo dio Overflow

Malam tu budak2 F1 tu decipher balik semua perbualan masa guided tour siang tadi. Habis semua ayat2 Gedebe di”de-kelatenized”, termasuk la Overflow yang akhirnya ditukar jadi Overfloor dek kerana salah faham accent Kelate milik Gedebe.

As Email 3 correctly pointed out, Overfloor is not listed in any dictionary of any language. Even my Firefox spellchecker puts a red line under the said word (I would like to also point out that it’s underlining the word spellchecker as well, hahaha). BUT… BUT… neither is kolet (as Email 4 tried to point out as the only pronunciation for MCKK’s pet name). What I’m trying to say is, if you want to stop using the word Overfloor because it’s not in the dictionary, please treat the koleq/kolet issue the same way too.

As for me, this is a non-issue. Small matter lah. Languages do evolve, apa lagi bahasa2 slanga ni. Overfloor ke, Overflow ke, it still refers to that same building. And not like we would mistaken Overflow for another building – we can always assume the speaker hails from Kelantan, kan?

If you are talking about marketing/branding, I’d say go with Overfloor. Why? Well, try to Google for Overfloor and then Overflow. Compare the two and you’ll see what I mean. Or you can also try with Google Images (Overfloor/Overflow) and the standard-bearer for “what is” questions, Wikipedia (Overfloor/Overflow).

Not to mention Overfloor sounds a hell more elegant than Overflow. What’s your first impression when you hear the word Overflow? Plumbing? Or toilets? Or that huge white building in Kuala Kangsar?


PS. I meant no offense to Orang Kelantan. Hanya sebagai contoh sahaja. (Kalau korang boleh tolong finetune dialog kat atas tu lagi cun)

PPS. I also meant no offense to all distinguished senior old boys out there. All 3 posters (yup, 4 emails from 3 different posters) are very, very prominent figures

PPPS. Yup, aku dah try search for Koleq/Kolet. On Google (Koleq/Kolet), Google Images (Koleq/Kolet) dan juga Wikipedia (Koleq/Kolet)