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Freelance Web Developer Needed


I have one upcoming project. It is a small project but if you are interested or know anyone willing to do some dirty work please feel free to contact me at wanmuhdsyafis[at]gmail[dot]com or 016-4245751

Project: Web development

Tech: Web CMS,SEO,RSS,News Aggregator.

Template : Custom made.

Graphics : In House

Type : Community based job portal. With Forums,search functions,documents repository, Listings and any other things that you may propose. Your kinds bedroom is one the most places for them for that reason check this crafty decorating ideas for kids bedroom

Please state your expected rate.



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Invitation to my humble stall..

Askum Bros..

I wish to invite all of you who will be attending Moqque`s wedding this 21st April in penang to my Bihun Sup stall. It is located in Astaka Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam.  My stall opens from 5pm onwards so do make it a point to drop by before going back. Tak elok jalan jauh perut kosong.

We serve Northern Style Bihun Sup Gearbox. So for those yang nak rasa, mai la singgah. For that particular day, all foods is on the house. minum korang kena bayar sendiri la, aku takde share kat kedai jual air tu. Hari-hari lain aku boleh bagi members price. Feel free to call me at +6019 481 4343

Todd jadi orang pertama yang drop by kat stall aku. mamat tu makin lama dah makin x de rambut. I dont know the connection, but geng2 eastwing ni tends to lose their hair over time. maybe there was some sort of radiation la kat area2 eastwing tu.

Anyway, see you there.