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we got hacked

Some of you might have noticed that the website was down for a couple of days (thanks Buge for the notification!). A lowdown of what happened from one site:

More than 400 websites got mass defaced by hacker JaMaYcKa yesterday 12th May 2007. Under the list of victims most of them were Malaysian websites. Here’s a list of victims I’ve gathered from Check if your domain is part of JaMaYcKa’s defacementation. Full list of defaced website after jump.

Another site offered the solutions to remedy the situation. While the attack was mainly a result of the server hosts’ lack of security, additional steps would be taken to ensure that the batch website be adequately protected. Fortunately in this event, no data was lost.

Thousand Apologies.

New baby arrival

Me & wife are proud to announce the arrival of our yet-unnamed baby girl. The healthy 3.3 kg /51 cm Urban Girl was delivered through normal induced-labor at 11.21 am in Kelana Jaya Medical Center on Friday 20th April 2007.

We’d like to thank those who visited us!



Walimatul Urus – Moqq’s Side

from the newly-wed Moqq:

brothers of 96,

Maka kami telah selamat diijabkabulkan pada 7hb April yang lalu di Pekan, Pahang. me & milla would like to convey our gratitutes to the warm wishes and salams. Thank you!

A special mention to Old man and Mazayu who made their way to our wedding on the 8th of April. Terima Kasih.

once again, i would like to invite everyone to my side of majlis kenduri which will be held on the 21st April 2007 in Penang. I hope my invitation cards reach all of you. Semoga kehadiran semua menyerikan lagi majlis kami, insya Allah

salam taazim,

Please click the thumbnail below to view moqq’s Penang invitation card. Congrats moqq!!!


Wedding Invitation – Moqq & Milla

from Moqq:

brothers of 96,

“When your number’s up, its up.”

It is my pleasure to invite everyone of you to this very special day of mine.

Insya Allah, saya akan di ijabkabul kan pada tanggal 7hb april 2007 bersamaan 19 rabiul awal 1428H

majlis perkahwinan pihak perempuan berlangsung sehari kemudian pada tanggal 8hb april 2007 bertempat di PEKAN, PAHANG.

mewakili milla (my other half) menjemput rakan2 sekalian ke majlis perkahwinan itu nanti. Semoga kehadiran semua menyerikan lagi majlis yg indah permai dengan izin-Nya.

salam taazim,

Click the thumbnail to view the full invitation card.

Moqq & Milla’s Invitation Card

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Koleq Champ PHT North Zone 5 times in a row

From Thrasher:


Alhamdulillah team koleq champ PHT North Zone
Basketball Championship for 5 years in a row!!

800 am
Cagers bt SBPI Gopeng

200 pm
Cagers bt SEMESTI

800 am
Cagers bt SBPI Kubang Pasu

200 pm
Cagers bt SMS Syed Putra

600 pm (Semi)
Cagers bt Sains Pokok Sena

Final 830am
Cagers bt STAR

Newborn Alert – Uncle & Seri

Syahril (or better known as Uncle) and wife, Seri, just had their baby girl at 3.44am, 26th March in HUKM. The mother and the 2.82 kg baby are in good health. Congrats!



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MCOBA Futsal Tournament Results

From Mr. Opeq:

Dear Friends,

The MCOBA Futsal Tournament was held yesterday kat Sports Planet Sunway and with this, aku nak present the report for the tournament. First of all, aku nak cakap thanks to all the players for showing up on time, especially Dato’ Abe yang sampai 5 minit sebelum game dia start.

As per my previous email, kita hantar 2 team, Team Sc.5 96 (96A) ngan Team Suria Beach Resort (96B). For 96A, kita ni di”group”kan dalam Group B, arguably, the toughest group dalam tournament with 00C, 99B and tournament favorites 94B. So, awal2 lagi dah nampak macam takder harapan dah for 96A. 96B had a slightly easier path to the next round as they were grouped in Group A with 93B, 97B and 03B.