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Wedding Invitation – Khairul Hassan @ Wira IT

Posted on behalf of Wira:

Dear batchmates

I’d like to invite you guys (and family) to my wedding next month (which falls during the first week of the World Cup! game bosan2 lagi, takper). I’ve attached the scanned copy of my invitation card, but for those who can attend, pls sms me your address (my no. is 012-2684977, or email so aku boleh bagi kad jemputan either masa futsal or via snail mail, or kalau boleh jumpa, by hand la… pls find details of my reception:

There are a wide range of IoT sensors used to detect and measure various physical phenomena such as heat and pressure as well as the five human senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Date: 13th June, Sunday

Time: 12.30 – 4 pm

Venue: Dewan Melawati, Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya (map as attached)

Hopefully ramai boleh datang meriahkan majlis and mendoakan keberkatan kami. Thanks.

Wira's Wedding Invitation Card

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Batch photo database

Bro semua

Blog kita ni ada photo gallery. But penggunaan dia leceh sikit, so korang rasa OK tak kalau kita create satu flickr account lepas tu kasi username/password kat semua batch members.

Sesapa pun boleh upload gambar2 yang diorang ada. Lagi cun kalau lepas upload tu taruk tags macam nama orang yg ada dalam gambar, tahun berapa, kat mana, apa yg tengah buat dlm gambar tu (hmmm?)… flickr boleh harap nak jadi permanent photo database kot. Kalau pakai facebook, gambar dia kecik. flickr boleh simpan gambar besar2.

Tapi kalau ada sesapa budak batch nak buat naya, selamba delete semua gambar ke, buta IT ke, susah sikit la.

So how? tolong la kasi respons… sedih aku tengok blog kita ni haha

Iftaar for 2009

Let’s get together for our annual Iftaar gathering to celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan; a month where we have been given an opportunity to gain by giving up, to prosper by going without and to grow stronger by enduring weakness.

I am pleased to cordially invite the members of MCKK Class of 9296 to grace this event and spend some time to reminisce old times. Koleq style.

Please RSVP your attendance before 3rd September 2009 to Buja 012-3026604 ( or Tony 012-3026165 (

Alih bahasa:
Moh le kita pegi buka puasa wei…

Date: 12th September 2009
Venue: @nine, Jalan Resak 3/12A, Seksyen 3 Shah Alam

MCOBA Dinner 2008 report

This year’s MCOBA Dinner was held at Hotel Istana on the 8th of November. Our batch was represented by Ayul, Apek, Matori, Moqq, Zef, Wira, Kamil, Jach-A and Reza, while Modak, Tony, Kichi and Adiq attended as photographers representing Picture Elements studio, a professional photography studio owned and operated by MCOBs from various batches (tapi kitorang hanyalah kuli freelance). Did I miss any more attendees? Other related appearance: Fect Mijoe from New Hostel. VVIPs: DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah & DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Shah (and his beautiful wife).

The turnout from our batch was quite ok, considering that there were no discussions about it in our yahoogroup. Some of us sat were sitting in the Astro Awani table with Bro Suhaimi Sulaiman, and some came with their respective companies.

This year’s event was full of song and dance, but no skits and sketches. This was probably due to the fact that Bargreaves Ballerz didn’t organize the show, to give room for the more ‘senior’ OBs to enjoy. The performances were of the oldies and Broadway musicals.

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MCOBA Annual Dinner 2008

Dicuri dari website Mcoba:

The MCOBA Annual Dinner will be held on November 8, 2008 at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Booking Forms are available at the Penthouse or will be faxed to you upon your request. Please e-mail to exec-sec(at), fax or call MCOBA at 03-2274 6306. Please make your bookings early, preferably before November 1, 2008.

The cost of each table is RM 1,500 per table of ten pax.

The theme for this years Dinner is ‘ A MUSICAL EXTRAVANGA’

See you at the Annual Dinner,



Wedding Invitation: Taja

Abang Macho is ending his days of glory… from his post in Yahoogroups:

Hello brothers,

You are all invited to my wedding reception on 10th of May 2008 at my
house in Bandar Baru Bangi. Attached herewith is the kad jemputan
together with the map.

Maybe ramai yang aku tak sempat nak bagi kad or call personally but I
do hope that all of you can come to my house on that day together with
your wife/kids/gf/bf etc…

And to those yang takde access to this group sape2 yang jumpa sape2 tu
tolong sampaikan jemputan ni sekali ye…

See you there…

The event will be sponsored by Mahmood Security

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Abe’s 2nd child…

Orang paling jahat dalam batch is now the proud father of 2 kids! The 3.3 kg girl was born at 2.58pm and everyone involved is in good condition. Hopefully with the addition in the family, Abe will be distracted from his usual evil activities and less people will go to hell for following his wretched ways.

baby lagi!

from ajiz via yahoogroups:

bini nanak dah selamat deliver anak pompuan pagi tadi kul 8.51 kat gleaneagles.

another news for batch website! yahhhhhooo!

congrats nanak… hurrah! hip hip hooray! bung wak! open box! order nasi set kaya satu!

New Baby In The House

Mr Ajiz remarked that this website is only active when there are births… sadly that seems to be true. Anyway, according to Thrasher, our own in-house mythology expert has been blessed with another child. From the Yahoogroups post:

sukacita dimaklumkan saudara Najib Fakhri aka Nageb
telah selamat mendapat anak kedua, baby girl smlm 8
April sekitar waktu Asar. Anak dan isteri sihat.