MCOBA Dinner 2008 report

This year’s MCOBA Dinner was held at Hotel Istana on the 8th of November. Our batch was represented by Ayul, Apek, Matori, Moqq, Zef, Wira, Kamil, Jach-A and Reza, while Modak, Tony, Kichi and Adiq attended as photographers representing Picture Elements studio, a professional photography studio owned and operated by MCOBs from various batches (tapi kitorang hanyalah kuli freelance). Did I miss any more attendees? Other related appearance: Fect Mijoe from New Hostel. VVIPs: DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah & DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Shah (and his beautiful wife).

The turnout from our batch was quite ok, considering that there were no discussions about it in our yahoogroup. Some of us sat were sitting in the Astro Awani table with Bro Suhaimi Sulaiman, and some came with their respective companies.

This year’s event was full of song and dance, but no skits and sketches. This was probably due to the fact that Bargreaves Ballerz didn’t organize the show, to give room for the more ‘senior’ OBs to enjoy. The performances were of the oldies and Broadway musicals.