Restoran Benteng Kuala Kangsar

I already went to this place once. Few months later I found out that Wawan94 was one of the founder (his Dad owns it) from the 9094 foyer. So in the spirit of BMO/SBB as referred by Morky, let us all drop by this place if we are in Kuale. The food is good, there might also be some stalls selling shoes, caps, hphone accessories nearby. The place also got this blog, on

A few days ago, during the 2008 Old Boys Weekend, a few hungry and impatient oldboys (me included) decided not to join the dinner event in the dining hall. We thought that the food might not be enough, or good enough or both, and yet we had to wait and queue and sit in the hallways (the arrogant lot! haha).

So, the immediate thought was of course, the Lembah. We were about to park in front of the food court when I remembered about the place. Pissed at first, but then they finally agreed to try out this Restoran Benteng. The Hyundai Sonata owner was not too happy having to drive through the poorly lit alley behind the Aked MARA. “Mana ni Cikun?” I don’t really remember how to get there. Then – there was light. “There is hope.” Mafia thought. haha! Luckily (for me) the place is still there. It is situated behind the Yut Loy, I guess there’s another way other than the dark alley.

The restaurant was not packed like the ones in Lembah. Plenty of tables around. The others were only happy about the big screen TV, I guess that was their first impression la. We ordered our dinner – the usuals express dinner – nasi goreng (except for Adiq – I can’t even pronounce the dish). A few minutes later, the waitress put a plate with sambal belacan, some sliced cucumber. Dayat said it was the appetizer while we wait for our food. Soon after, the drinks arrived, then the food. Even the hard-to-pronounce one Adiq ordered! So we can scrap the ‘Sabar Menanti’ tag. The food tasted as good as the last time I went there.

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