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Srikandi Futsal Tournament

Dear Gents,

Pursuant to Ayul’s ironic email, below is the report for our boys’ performance today (Sorry guys….takder narration.  Aku tengah penat.):

MCKK 96A (D3)

Group Stage
vs RMC: 1-3
Scorer: Rasyidin

vs SDAR: 1-3
Scorer: Abe

vs SAS: 2-3
Scorer: Zef x 2

MCKK 96B (F2)

Group Stage
vs SDAR: 0-1

vs SDAR: 0-0

vs STAR: 4-1
Scorer: Taja x 2, Nanak x 2

2nd Round
vs MCKK 99: 0-2

So, this time, we only managed to reach the 2nd round.  But anyhow, thanks to those that participated.  Special thanks to Rasyidin, Ham and Cikun for coming.

Thanks also to those yang cakap nak main awal2, lepas tu kensel…..hahaha…..

Special thanks to Abe for showing up…..As usual, En Abe kita muncul lepas tournament dah start.

Our weekly session for bola diberhentikan selama 2 minggu untuk memberi rehat kepada kengkawan kita yang main tadi….