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OBW2007 In Pictures

Saturday, 28 Apr 2007

09:31 am, Hockey Field, NH – The oldest player clearing the line

09:40 am, Hockey Field, NH – supporters, well…. supporting the team

09:49 am, Hockey Field, NH – Ipin & Ahpek taking a breather

09:53 am, Hockey Field, NH – Bunyok the goalscorer after giving the lead to the OB’s

10:01 am, Hockey Field, NH – Ahpek, back on the pitch, taking a shot

10:41 am, Hockey Field, NH – Khoja after the match (which ended 1-1)

10:53 am, Rahmaniah Rest, KK Town – First meal in 12 hrs

12:58 pm, Big Field, MCKK – Kadir & Wadie having a chat under the trees

02:04 pm, Saudiah Rest, KK Town – The newly-married guy making a quick visit during lunchtime – was gone by 5 the same day

02:40 pm, Our neighbour, KK – Today is Monday, Tomorrow is Tuesday, But Tuesday Is Not Everyday, The Ship Is More Than The Crew – credit to Wadie for slowing down the car just enough to snap this one

02:48 pm, Hargreaves Hall – No they are not discussing about the concert

02:56 pm, Hargreaves Hall – Mon of ’86, Ayul of ’94, Minh Anh the Vietnamese chick, Aris of ’93, and Kichi of ’96 during sound check. Notice the evil grins

03:07 pm, Hargreaves Hall – And Kadir joins in

04:30 pm, 16B, Overfloor – Watching touch football, or rather the touch football player

06:00 pm, Big Field – Football match (ended 6-1 or 7-1 to the Present Boys)

06:12 pm, C Field – while Ahpek the captain is giving instructions to his own team

07:17 pm, C Field – “Abang hang dah balik Penang dah dia cari hang tak jumpa tadi”

10:24 pm, Hargreaves Hall – Suhaimi Sulaiman of ’79 kicking off the (proper) concert

10:40 pm, Hargreaves Hall – What’s Kichi doing down there??

10:46 pm, Hargreaves Hall – No wonder…

11:55 pm, Hargreaves Hall – Sapet of ’98 with a superb rendition of Kamelia. Most of the audience had left by this time, but the band still put up a magnificent show

Sunday, 29 April 2007

10:06 am, Rugby Field – The cheering squad was there, but not the cheering

10:10 am, Rugby Field – A present boy consoling his teammate after the thumping by the OB’s

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