Walimatul Urus – Moqq’s Side

from the newly-wed Moqq:

brothers of 96,

Maka kami telah selamat diijabkabulkan pada 7hb April yang lalu di Pekan, Pahang. me & milla would like to convey our gratitutes to the warm wishes and salams. Thank you!

A special mention to Old man and Mazayu who made their way to our wedding on the 8th of April. Terima Kasih.

once again, i would like to invite everyone to my side of majlis kenduri which will be held on the 21st April 2007 in Penang. I hope my invitation cards reach all of you. Semoga kehadiran semua menyerikan lagi majlis kami, insya Allah

salam taazim,

Please click the thumbnail below to view moqq’s Penang invitation card. Congrats moqq!!!


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