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MCOBA Futsal Tournament Results

From Mr. Opeq:

Dear Friends,

The MCOBA Futsal Tournament was held yesterday kat Sports Planet Sunway and with this, aku nak present the report for the tournament. First of all, aku nak cakap thanks to all the players for showing up on time, especially Dato’ Abe yang sampai 5 minit sebelum game dia start.

As per my previous email, kita hantar 2 team, Team Sc.5 96 (96A) ngan Team Suria Beach Resort (96B). For 96A, kita ni di”group”kan dalam Group B, arguably, the toughest group dalam tournament with 00C, 99B and tournament favorites 94B. So, awal2 lagi dah nampak macam takder harapan dah for 96A. 96B had a slightly easier path to the next round as they were grouped in Group A with 93B, 97B and 03B.

Kick-off start ngan 96B lawan 97B. 96B berjersey Manyoo started the game slow sebab nak dapat feel and they got the “feel” they wanted sebab 97B score dulu. At halftime, 96B masukkan star player, MJ, and instantly had an impact to the game. Zef equalize the game with a long shot and the game stayed that way ’til the end. Final score 1-1. 96A plak turun for the first game lawan 00C. Berjerseykan Chelsea, diorang main pun macam Chelsea gak when Che’we opened the scoring with also a long shot. 96A controlled most of the game but nobody is able to finish off the game and paid the price when 00C scored an
equalizer. Game ended 1-1.

Second group game saw 96B lawan 03B and everything seems to go all wrong when 03B scored 2 immediate goals due to defensive lacklustre. Sekali lagi, 96B memasukkan star player, MJ, at half time and macam Rooney, MJ turned the game around with a goal and an assist to Zef to even-up the game. Game ended 2-2. Next opponent for 96A is 99B, the same team that defeated ours last year in the semis. 96A seemed cair ngan Dobe, especially when Dobe bawak bola through the whole defense sorang2. Although Abe saved the first effort, 99B still scored with the follow-up shot. End result 0-1. Next game, 96B turun lawan team 93B. It's a must-win game for them to ensure masuk Cup Playoff stage sebab all the other games in the group ended in a draw. A win will ensure 96B ends the group stage as a group champion and will face an easier opponent in the second round. A nice feinting move from Syul ensured the win when the opponent headed the ball into their own net. 96B maintained the lead 'til the end and game ended 1-0. Meanwhile, 96A needed a big win against the tourney favs, 94B and berbekalkan satu barrel KFC and Ham, we managed to "persuade" 94B to see things our way. 96B won the game "controversially' 3-0 with 2 goals from Bunyoq and 1 brilliant goal from Nanak. With this result, 96A managed to qualify into the Cup Playoffs as the group runners-up behind 94B. The tournament paused for a while for a lunch break and teams took the opportunity to rest. Some took the opportunity to "ambik angin" kat belakang Sports Planet and some took the opportunity to gawk at the hotties in the crowd. It was at this moment that we learned that we can have an all 96 Finals and semangat bebudak to achieve this possibility membuak-buak, especially Lado, Bunyoq ngan Che'we, bila Ham offered untuk berlari bogel if this happened. In the 2nd Round, 96B faced 95B and again, with an inspirational performance by MJ, we thrashed our opponent 4-0 with 2 goals from MJ, 1 from Zef and an own goal. This was the biggest winning margin in the whole tournament. 96A plak turun lawan another tournament favorites, 03A, who was the last tournament's runners-up. Main macam Chelsea, 96A held the game to a draw and the game went into penalties. 96A scored all their penalties to ensure the advance into the QFs. Final score 0-0 (3-2 pen).

In the QFs, 96B faced the much heralded 94B. 94B, kenyang dengan ayam Original Recipe macam terkena sumpahan lak sebab they didn’t play like the tournament favorites at all. Syul opened the scoring with a brilliant team goal and with 2 more goals from MJ ensure 96B into the Semis. Match ended 3-0.

Lesson learned: Jangan ambik rasuah….tak berkat. Bagi rasuah takper…. hehehe.

96A, meanwhile faced another 03 team and against a tough “boobed-hotties” crowd, we managed to hold 03B into another draw. We won the penalty showdown 2-1 and made sure that at least one team will go out of tournament with a medal.

In the Semis, 96B lawan a youthful 05 and easily see-off the team 2-0 with a goal each from MJ and Izzy. Bachin, yang datang semata-mata untuk menyokong pasukan “favorite”nya, mengorak senyuman ketika Izzy menjaringkan gol dia. 96A pulak lawan team organizer, 97A. Nanak sekali lagi menjaringkan satu gol menarik to put 96A in the lead. Tapi, sekali lagi, apabila lawan team yang ada jambu je, 96A cair. Shkip managed to score when Abe saved his earlier attempt tapi sebab Abe lambat sangat nak bangun (terlebih angin kut…), Shkip followed-in with another attempt. Again, 96A masuk penalty shoot-out but this time luck did not favor us when Taja managed to only hit the bar and we lost 3-1. Bak kata Taja “Takpe….kitorang main macam Argentina. Bila kalah, kalah penalti je”.

After the Plate Finals, 96A turun lawan team adik Bunyoq, 05. Seperti hilang semangat, 05 took the lead early in the game. 96A mengatur semula permainan and with the support of the supporters at the side and with Bunyoq screaming “Woi! Takkan kalah ngan team adik kut? Mampus aku kena kutuk kat rumah!”, 96A responded with 3 goals. Nanak scored 2 goals with one, arguably the best goal in the tournament and one more from Che’we. Game ended 3-1 with 96A being crowned 2nd

runners-up. In the finals, 96B turun padang melawan team 97A. 96B pun menunjukkan kesan sampingan yang sama seperti 96A apabila melawan team yang ada jambu. 97A score dulu through Nobita when Moqq tak dapat kawal kekuatan lututnya. Syul, managed to score an equalizer and another from the inspired MJ, yang dapat jumpa Dobe sebelum game, managed to turn the game around to our favor. And finally, after 4 attempts in this tournament, we are crowned the MCOBA Futsal Tournament Champions. To add more glory, MJ was voted the "Most Promising Player" although dah tua skit for the award. I wanna wish my heartiest congratulations to all players for their effort especially Kadir yang terpaksa test "manhood" dia selepas dirembat dikawasan sensitifnya. I would also like to extend my gratitude to everyone who supported the teams, Shahman, for the inspirational Gomen pep-talk. Ham, for his undivided support and his "influence" to the game. Also, to those who came, Bachin, Ajis, Athen, Zen and family and Cikun and family, as well as to other friends and families. Sesapa yang nak nengok Cup, silalah datang ke rumah aku kat TTDI and aku dengan bangganya, walaupun aku tak main, letak Cup atas TV rumah aku. One request, mintak sesapa yang ada amik gambar, tolongla post kat group so that all of us can enjoy the photos...Ajis? Kichi? Thanks again to all and congrats again to all! The tournament summary kat bawah: 96A 96B Group Stage vs 00C 1-1 vs 97B 1-1 vs 99B 0-1 vs 03B 2-2 vs 94B 3-0 vs 93B 1-0 2nd Round vs 03A 0-0 (3-2 pen) vs 85B 4-0 Quarter Finals vs 03B 0-0 (2-1 pen) vs 94B 3-0 Semi Finals vs 97A 1-1 (1-3 pen) vs 05 2-0 3rd/4th Placing 96A vs 05 3-1 Finals
96B vs 97A 2-1

Most Promising Player: MJ
Most Goals: MJ (7)
Most Cards: Yellow: MJ (2)
Gol Paling Lawa (96): Nanak vs 05

Yang menjalankan tugas,

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