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MCOBA Futsal Tournament Results

From Mr. Opeq:

Dear Friends,

The MCOBA Futsal Tournament was held yesterday kat Sports Planet Sunway and with this, aku nak present the report for the tournament. First of all, aku nak cakap thanks to all the players for showing up on time, especially Dato’ Abe yang sampai 5 minit sebelum game dia start.

As per my previous email, kita hantar 2 team, Team Sc.5 96 (96A) ngan Team Suria Beach Resort (96B). For 96A, kita ni di”group”kan dalam Group B, arguably, the toughest group dalam tournament with 00C, 99B and tournament favorites 94B. So, awal2 lagi dah nampak macam takder harapan dah for 96A. 96B had a slightly easier path to the next round as they were grouped in Group A with 93B, 97B and 03B.