Iftaar for 2009

Let’s get together for our annual Iftaar gathering to celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan; a month where we have been given an opportunity to gain by giving up, to prosper by going without and to grow stronger by enduring weakness.

I am pleased to cordially invite the members of MCKK Class of 9296 to grace this event and spend some time to reminisce old times. Koleq style.

Please RSVP your attendance before 3rd September 2009 to Buja 012-3026604 (buja@mckk9296.com) or Tony 012-3026165 (boney@mckk9296.com)

Alih bahasa:
Moh le kita pegi buka puasa wei…

Date: 12th September 2009
Venue: @nine, Jalan Resak 3/12A, Seksyen 3 Shah Alam

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  • OBW 2009

    Ni ada lagi sikit gambar dari OBW tahun ni…

    Adiq’s can be viewed here.

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  • OBW ’09

    The bigger version of these pictures are in my flickr.

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  • A Familiar Face

    Found this – dah lama, tapi still relevant – dari The Star;

    A stickler for detail

    Stories by JOLEEN LUNJEW

    Wandering the heritage streets of the Old Town of Edinburgh, a Malaysian artist decided to record its splendour on paper.

    A collection of black-and-white sketches is spread out in front of me, with every little detail painstakingly recorded. The artist must have had so much patience to attempt such a feat.

    Ruzaimi Mat Rani, 33, has laboriously sketched 500 pictures of Edinburgh Old Town which, when put together, represent the entire town. He carried out this project when he was given a scholarship by the Government to do his Masters in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art from 2000 to 2002.


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