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Hello folks,

Today I’d like to share with you how easy it is to renew your road tax today, at the comfort of your home using the online service by Please kindly refer to the attachment below, as I have summarized the process in visual format (jpeg). Please also note that this is my real transaction.

But before that, here are a few things you need to have/know prior to using this service:

  1. Internet connection, preferably broadband coz this will involve online payment.
  2. Your credit card ready (If you opt for CC payment). There are 3 methods of payment, you’ll find it in one of the attachments.
  3. Your insurance is already renewed. They also have online motor vehicle insurance renewal service, but mine has already been taken care by my agent. So I only use the Road Tax renewal service.
  4. Note that if you opt for Home/Office Delivery, and if you’re staying in Klang Valley, you’ll get your road tax the next day if your transaction takes place before 6 p.m. (it is the cut-off time). Otherwise you can opt for self-collection from your chosen e-Services Centre.
  5. Your Vehicle Registration Certification aka “Geran” is still with the Bank?! Don’t fret. You don’t even need it. I have confirmed this with myeg.
  6. They charged me RM6 for delivery, and RM2.75 for their service charge. Altogether RM8.75, which I find very minimal (as compared to engaging with a runner). I’m sure I would fork out more than that if I were to do it by myself i.e. go to the bank and post office/JPJ (fuel, parking fees, time and not to mention all the other unexpected risks I could bear on my way there).

Now all I have to do is to check on my mailbox tomorrow. Easy peasy, don’t you think?!

So go ahead, log on now to to renew your roadtax and/or Motor Vehicle insurance.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead.


p/s: I’m a mere user, not a staff of myeg. Why am I doing this? Why not? Sharing is caring, right? For more info you can just browse their website at

Heroes and Villains

In the spirit of the Season 2 premiere on StarWorld last Tuesday, I would love to share with you a little something most Malaysian viewers don’t know, or at least my circle of friends. It was said that prior to any episode release of Heroes, or every Tuesday, (maybe this is only applicable during the Writer Guild strike) NBC releases a short comic as supplement information about the series. Some calls this Graphic Novels, I just think fans will run away when they hear the word novel. I think most of the series explain more on the character building of each hero/villain.

The best compiled list of the comics can be found on a wiki page, here and here. The list might not be up-to-date, (1 or 2 days) but the list is more organized if you want to download all at the same time (say FlashGet). Otherwise you can look for them in NBC’s official website, here. Note that the comics for season 1 starts from 1 to 51, while season 2 starts from 52. Currently they (NBC) are still publishing the comics, latest addition was number 69.

Enjoy the comics!

p/s:  watch out for the new Knight Rider this February on NBC!

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  • GMail tips

    You guys remember when we were forced to change notes or articles on our classroom notice board every week or so? It’s been almost 2 months since the last post! hahaha! Come on, guys!

    Don’t you just love using GMail? I first got my invitation from ‘Pembunuh‘ (thanks bro!), thinking that it’s on ‘invitation only’ basis, I accepted and completely forgot about it. Not until I realized the ‘group-by-subject’ feature eased the pain of going through ‘thread-like’ discussions, in conventional email inbox, that I thought of moving on to GMail. The rest is history.

    There are lots of neat features embedded in GMail, but they are useless if we do not make use of them. I’m not getting into all of the features, but I’ll start with the not so common ones I usually use. These will also work with your email account (provided you use the webmail version).

    1. Your GMail account alias
    The alias (or call it what ever you want) I’m talking about here is like an alternative email address for your original profile. No, it is not like you create another email, because it will go to the same inbox. For example, is the Abu’s email address, I can send an email to and the email will still be sent to Abu. (Note the bold +cikun after the abc123)

    What the f@#k is this feature helping me? There are many helpful ways you can benefit from this. One of them is tracking your source of spam. For instance, if you register in Friendster, you put as your email address, you can easily apply a filter (and automatically assign the filter to label Friendster) without the hassle of identifying the source of email – because you know the email sent to will always be from Friendster.

    So what does this got to do with spam management? GMail has a good spam filtering, yes, but this way you can identify the culprits giving away your email addresses.

    2. Search function
    On the top left of the screen, just beside the GMail logo, there is a textbox for search. The common search will give you messages that contain whatever it is that you put there. However, you could also add advanced operands to minimize the scope of your search.

    is operator
    I don’t really know the full function of this operand, but I always use this to view unread messages. Available commands, is: unread, is: read and is: starred

    from operator
    This will return the message sender. For example, from: pembunuh

    label operator
    Only applicable if you have labels added to your inbox. Will return every message in that particular label. For example, label: mckk9296

    The rest of other search operators are list here. You’ll get the idea how it will benefit you.

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