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Abe’s 2nd child…

Orang paling jahat dalam batch is now the proud father of 2 kids! The 3.3 kg girl was born at 2.58pm and everyone involved is in good condition. Hopefully with the addition in the family, Abe will be distracted from his usual evil activities and less people will go to hell for following his wretched ways.

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  • baby lagi!

    from ajiz via yahoogroups:

    bini nanak dah selamat deliver anak pompuan pagi tadi kul 8.51 kat gleaneagles.

    another news for batch website! yahhhhhooo!

    congrats nanak… hurrah! hip hip hooray! bung wak! open box! order nasi set kaya satu!

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  • New Baby In The House

    Mr Ajiz remarked that this website is only active when there are births… sadly that seems to be true. Anyway, according to Thrasher, our own in-house mythology expert has been blessed with another child. From the Yahoogroups post:

    sukacita dimaklumkan saudara Najib Fakhri aka Nageb
    telah selamat mendapat anak kedua, baby girl smlm 8
    April sekitar waktu Asar. Anak dan isteri sihat.


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  • Boey’s a dad now


    Original excerpt from our egroup (with minor correction):

    Salam Sekelian Sahabat 9296,

    Isteri kepada Saudara Shahmy Shaharudin aka Boey telah selamat
    melahirkan seorang bayi lelaki seberat 3.4kg pada 9.19pg, hari ini 26
    Mac 2008 bersamaan dengan 18 Rabiulawal 1429H di KJMC.

    Semoga Boey menjadi bapa yang mithali.

    Nurdin ‘Badaque’ Hanafi

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  • More babies!

    Congratulations to Zen and Shariza for their newborn baby girl, on the 8th of Oct 2007.

    Congratulations to Shahman and Farah for their newborn baby girl, on the 27th of Oct 2007.


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