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Posted on behalf of Wira:

Dear batchmates

I’d like to invite you guys (and family) to my wedding next month (which falls during the first week of the World Cup! game bosan2 lagi, takper). I’ve attached the scanned copy of my invitation card, but for those who can attend, pls sms me your address (my no. is 012-2684977, or email so aku boleh bagi kad jemputan either masa futsal or via snail mail, or kalau boleh jumpa, by hand la… pls find details of my reception:

Date: 13th June, Sunday

Time: 12.30 – 4 pm

Venue: Dewan Melawati, Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya (map as attached)

Hopefully ramai boleh datang meriahkan majlis and mendoakan keberkatan kami. Thanks.

Wira's Wedding Invitation Card

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Batch photo database

Bro semua

Blog kita ni ada photo gallery. But penggunaan dia leceh sikit, so korang rasa OK tak kalau kita create satu flickr account lepas tu kasi username/password kat semua batch members.

Sesapa pun boleh upload gambar2 yang diorang ada. Lagi cun kalau lepas upload tu taruk tags macam nama orang yg ada dalam gambar, tahun berapa, kat mana, apa yg tengah buat dlm gambar tu (hmmm?)… flickr boleh harap nak jadi permanent photo database kot. Kalau pakai facebook, gambar dia kecik. flickr boleh simpan gambar besar2.

Tapi kalau ada sesapa budak batch nak buat naya, selamba delete semua gambar ke, buta IT ke, susah sikit la.

So how? tolong la kasi respons… sedih aku tengok blog kita ni haha

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  • OBW 2010

    A message from MCOBA Website:

    Dear Bros,

    Old Boys Weekend is back! Come and join us at the Big School field, April 9 till April 11th, 2010. Get your entire batch to come and be merry!

    Click here for the link.

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  • MCOBA Annual Dinner 2008

    Dicuri dari website Mcoba:

    The MCOBA Annual Dinner will be held on November 8, 2008 at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

    Booking Forms are available at the Penthouse or will be faxed to you upon your request. Please e-mail to exec-sec(at), fax or call MCOBA at 03-2274 6306. Please make your bookings early, preferably before November 1, 2008.

    The cost of each table is RM 1,500 per table of ten pax.

    The theme for this years Dinner is ‘ A MUSICAL EXTRAVANGA’

    See you at the Annual Dinner,


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  • Srikandi Futsal Tournament

    Dear Gents,

    Pursuant to Ayul’s ironic email, below is the report for our boys’ performance today (Sorry guys….takder narration.  Aku tengah penat.):

    MCKK 96A (D3)

    Group Stage
    vs RMC: 1-3
    Scorer: Rasyidin

    vs SDAR: 1-3
    Scorer: Abe

    vs SAS: 2-3
    Scorer: Zef x 2

    MCKK 96B (F2)

    Group Stage
    vs SDAR: 0-1

    vs SDAR: 0-0

    vs STAR: 4-1
    Scorer: Taja x 2, Nanak x 2

    2nd Round
    vs MCKK 99: 0-2

    So, this time, we only managed to reach the 2nd round.  But anyhow, thanks to those that participated.  Special thanks to Rasyidin, Ham and Cikun for coming.

    Thanks also to those yang cakap nak main awal2, lepas tu kensel…..hahaha…..

    Special thanks to Abe for showing up…..As usual, En Abe kita muncul lepas tournament dah start.

    Our weekly session for bola diberhentikan selama 2 minggu untuk memberi rehat kepada kengkawan kita yang main tadi….


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