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OBW2007 In Pictures

Saturday, 28 Apr 2007

09:31 am, Hockey Field, NH – The oldest player clearing the line

09:40 am, Hockey Field, NH – supporters, well…. supporting the team

09:49 am, Hockey Field, NH – Ipin & Ahpek taking a breather

09:53 am, Hockey Field, NH – Bunyok the goalscorer after giving the lead to the OB’s

10:01 am, Hockey Field, NH – Ahpek, back on the pitch, taking a shot

10:41 am, Hockey Field, NH – Khoja after the match (which ended 1-1)

10:53 am, Rahmaniah Rest, KK Town – First meal in 12 hrs

12:58 pm, Big Field, MCKK – Kadir & Wadie having a chat under the trees

02:04 pm, Saudiah Rest, KK Town – The newly-married guy making a quick visit during lunchtime – was gone by 5 the same day

02:40 pm, Our neighbour, KK – Today is Monday, Tomorrow is Tuesday, But Tuesday Is Not Everyday, The Ship Is More Than The Crew – credit to Wadie for slowing down the car just enough to snap this one

02:48 pm, Hargreaves Hall – No they are not discussing about the concert

02:56 pm, Hargreaves Hall – Mon of ’86, Ayul of ’94, Minh Anh the Vietnamese chick, Aris of ’93, and Kichi of ’96 during sound check. Notice the evil grins

03:07 pm, Hargreaves Hall – And Kadir joins in

04:30 pm, 16B, Overfloor – Watching touch football, or rather the touch football player

06:00 pm, Big Field – Football match (ended 6-1 or 7-1 to the Present Boys)

06:12 pm, C Field – while Ahpek the captain is giving instructions to his own team

07:17 pm, C Field – “Abang hang dah balik Penang dah dia cari hang tak jumpa tadi”

10:24 pm, Hargreaves Hall – Suhaimi Sulaiman of ’79 kicking off the (proper) concert

10:40 pm, Hargreaves Hall – What’s Kichi doing down there??

10:46 pm, Hargreaves Hall – No wonder…

11:55 pm, Hargreaves Hall – Sapet of ’98 with a superb rendition of Kamelia. Most of the audience had left by this time, but the band still put up a magnificent show

Sunday, 29 April 2007

10:06 am, Rugby Field – The cheering squad was there, but not the cheering

10:10 am, Rugby Field – A present boy consoling his teammate after the thumping by the OB’s

More pics at my PicasaWeb

Bihun Sup Utara

Another guy got hitched last weekend, taking the single guy species from 9296 a step closer to extinction (exaggerated). Quite a number of us made the journey up north to Air Melintas Besar last weekend (refer Exhibit A) to be a part of Moq’s wedding ceremony, whose size is comparable to that of TV3’s Karnival Sure Heboh (not exaggerated)

Exhibit A;

But I’ll leave that part of the story for now – this post is about a guy who lives in the same area – the legendary Caca

We were recovering from the exhausting long trip in our hotel room when Todd (refer Exhibit B) arrived to take us to dinner. Someone mentioned about Caca’s invitation to his newly-opened stall, and off we went in Todd’s Proton Wira to Bandar Perda.

Exhibit B;

We were greeted by the smell of hot soup and the sight of Caca chopping some part of a cow’s anatomy for a customer. Tak ramai orang, since a few of other stalls were not open that night. Our bihun sup, kueyteow sup, mi sup and bihun+mee sup (the last one was Todd’s – a favourite menu in this part of the country, maybe?) arrived a few minutes later, and were cleared out in under 10 minutes.

Exhibit C: Before

Exhibit D: After

And satisfied customers went back happy (and full)…

Verdict? Caca’s bihun sup was waaay better than all the “Bihun Sup Utara” I’ve tasted in KL. You’ve got to be in Utara to get a Bihun Sup Utara of this quality.

Hats off to you, bro! May this be the start of something bigger…

Here’s the guy himself, in action (pic by Kichi);

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  • New baby arrival

    Me & wife are proud to announce the arrival of our yet-unnamed baby girl. The healthy 3.3 kg /51 cm Urban Girl was delivered through normal induced-labor at 11.21 am in Kelana Jaya Medical Center on Friday 20th April 2007.

    We’d like to thank those who visited us!



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  • Invitation to my humble stall..

    Askum Bros..

    I wish to invite all of you who will be attending Moqque`s wedding this 21st April in penang to my Bihun Sup stall. It is located in Astaka Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam.  My stall opens from 5pm onwards so do make it a point to drop by before going back. Tak elok jalan jauh perut kosong.

    We serve Northern Style Bihun Sup Gearbox. So for those yang nak rasa, mai la singgah. For that particular day, all foods is on the house. minum korang kena bayar sendiri la, aku takde share kat kedai jual air tu. Hari-hari lain aku boleh bagi members price. Feel free to call me at +6019 481 4343

    Todd jadi orang pertama yang drop by kat stall aku. mamat tu makin lama dah makin x de rambut. I dont know the connection, but geng2 eastwing ni tends to lose their hair over time. maybe there was some sort of radiation la kat area2 eastwing tu.

    Anyway, see you there.


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  • Koleq Champ Kriket Zon Utara

    Seperti yang dijangka, koleq jadi champ kriket Zon Utara menewaskan SEMESTI. Koleq 69 larian, SEMESTI 53 larian. Permainan mantap ditunjukkan oleh ketua pasukan, Sdr Anas Bin Abdullah dengan memungut 8 wicket (semuanya bowled out), tak pernah terjadi dalam sejarah permainan kriket koleq kalau tak silap aku. Bila dapat berita koleq cuma dapat 69 larian, aku rasa risau jugak. Aku budget koleq mesti dapat 90 larian ke atas. Nasib baik sdr. Anas (fast bowler) koleq superb time bowl, walaupun sdr Anas ni jenis yg bunuh member sendiri masa buat short run. Ha ha, better ready semua pemain kriket old boys sebab tahun ni kita bakal terima saingan hebat dari pemain kriket present boys.

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